Monday, October 10, 2011


I have seen Yacht twice now in the past few months and both times were a party that couldn't be stopped. I will always have memories of seeing them at FYF dancing like an idiot in front of my girlfriend and embarrassing the shit out of her. However, last weekend I got to see them on my own and while I didn't party as hard as the first time I got to really take in what these guys are about. Yacht are disciples of LCD Soundsystem and are even on the DFA label. Yet, they certainly have taken their own route to fame. While Yacht and LCD share common ground with infectious basslines, I feel that Yacht are influenced more by bands like The B-52's and Eurythmics, they are certainly a lot more synth driven. I have warmed up to their newest record Shangri-la quite a bit, it could certainly be called a concept album with their constant theme of futuristic society and what not, but it is certainly an album that will get you up out of your seat and dancing like an idiot. 

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