Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lana Del Rey

 If you follow music blogs or listen to Sirius XMU on the radio then this should be old news to you. Lana Del Rey might be this year's biggest success story. Here's a lady who was a struggling artist as her real name Lizzie Grant, realized that she was going nowhere so she decided to completely change her image. Her looks her sound, everything was reconfigured. She took on the name Lana Del Rey and recorded two songs and leaked those on the Web. With her sort of mysterious Nancy Sinatra appeal she was able to grab the attention of the Internet with the extremely popular "Video Games" and then bam! she has a couple of sold out shows at much bigger venues than someone with two songs should be playing and a record deal. A lot of people are arguing now whether her new found fame is the result of talent or a sheer publicity stunt. "Video Games" is a decent song but I happen to like the b-side "Blue Jeans" more. Take note artists, sometimes a less-is-more approach to your craft pays off. 

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