Friday, June 10, 2011

Hall of Fame: The Beach Boys - Holland

** Hall of Fame is where I discuss my favorite albums of all time, they may not always be the most critically acclaimed, but they hold a special place in my heart**

Everyone loves a good comeback, and for The Beach Boys the late 60s and early 70s were a very rough time. Their leader, Brian Wilson had suffered a mental collapse and were constantly living in the shadow of other successful bands like The Beatles. For their nineteenth album the band decided to ditch America and record in The Netherlands. After several attempts the band even got Brian Wilson to get on the plane. Carl Wilson had the duty of steering Holland  into the direction that the band wanted it to go in. 
I have this theory about The Beach Boys, when people are younger they tend to focus solely on their early work like "Barbra Ann" or "Help Me Rhonda." They're great songs don't get me wrong, they are absolute staples in American Rock & Roll, however they're very straightforward. Yet, as one gets older they begin to discover The Beach Boys' later work that includes records like Holland and Surfs Up. My theory has to be true! These are Beach Boys songs that never see radio-play, why would an oldies station play "Sail On Sailor" when they just as easily could play a mega hit like "Surfin' USA"?
However, where albums like Holland lack in commercial appeal, they make up for it in content. This is a beautiful fully-realized album with depth, risk and landscape. Holland received much critical acclaim as it should have, and for a brief moment The Beach Boys were back in the limelight before they faded away again. Holland is one of those records that I firmly believe will stand the test of time and will be eventually considered by critics and fans alike as their best album.

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  2. This album is truly terrific. I have been listening to it, for the first time, over and over.