Friday, January 29, 2010

New Drive-By Truckers & Tour!


Rejoice! For the saviors of southern rock have returned! Drive-By Truckers have just released new tour dates including a Los Angeles stop on May 7th to The Avalon, and another one of our favorites The Henry Clay People are going to be opening! This is an absolute must not miss concert that we are extremely excited for. This tour is in support of The Big to Do our #3 highly anticipated album of 2010 (following LCD Soundsystem and Panda Bear) which will be released in March. Patterson Hood said in an interview that this album was going to be a lot more Rock & Roll. He certainly came through with his promise because a new track off it has just been released online, which is titled "This Fucking Job." This song has a simple guitar riff that lays the ground for Hood's politically tinged lyrics that are incredibly relevant to the times we are living in. This song give me high hopes that The Big to Do will be a worthy followup to Brighter Than Creation's Dark, one of our favorite albums of the decade.

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