Thursday, January 7, 2010


I have to be completely honest here, I enjoy Midlake purely because of the track titled "Roscoe" It is one of the best folk-rock songs of the past five years. It's rambling historically tinged lyrics are infectious which makes it the kind of song that people tend to memorize. In 2010 they will release their followup to that album. Their lead off single "Acts of Man" is pretty good, they have chosen to explore and incorporate 1970's English Folk into their sound. But does it pay off as big as "Roscoe" did? Not so much for me, but you can be your own judge. I have posted both "Roscoe" and the new "Acts of Man" for comparison.

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  1. I thought both were excellent and different enough that I want to hear more from Midlake. If only they did a song about Dick Cheney...