Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lonesome Cowboy Lou

I was going to write one of my special "needs to stop" posts about Lou Reed, but to be honest, he's stopped trying since the 1980s. Yes it's true, Lulu his most recent project with Metallica is not only the worst album of the year by far, it may be the worst album since Reed's other craptastic record Metal Machine Music, a record entirely of unlistenable white noise. As one critic writes, "Listening to Lulu is like watching The Challenger take off." If you read interviews even Metallica seem to be unsure about this project's release but Lou Reed doesn't give a fuck. As far as he's concerned he lost all of his fans years ago. It makes me wonder has Lou sincerely given up putting effort into his work, or is he trying some weird art experiment by exposing the beauty, if any that can be found in the most unconscionable of sounds. Anyways let's revel in Lou's past rather than his present, here's a live Velvet Underground track that was recorded when they were playing a basement gymnasium somewhere.

Download via Mediafire:
Guess I'm Falling In Love

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