Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Atlas Sound

Alright, I'm convinced, Bradford Cox is a certifiable musical genius. Being leader of two bands (Atlas Sound and Deerhunter) that have consistently pumped out great record after great record is a real chore, but Cox makes it seem effortless. This time last year he released five albums of demos on the internet for free and called them Bedroom Databank. Atlas Sound has always been the more esoteric outlet for Cox's music yet with Parallax he seems to have molded the sound of Deerhunter into this project making his most accessible Atlas Sound record to date. I don't want to say this is album of the year cause I've only had this for about a day but it's certainly one of the strongest releases of the year. Bradford Cox, you are a musical savior.

Download via Mediafire:
Te Amo

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