Friday, October 1, 2010

White Denim

Happy Friday! How's about starting your weekend off right by downloading an entire album for FREE?! That's what Texas rockers White Denim want you to do. In anticipation for their third major release later this fall, the boys have recorded a pre-album album and are giving it away for free. In this day in age of the music industry, this is the kind of act that bands need to do more often when trying to gain mass appeal. The album is called Last Days of Summer which is not very appropriate here in LA since we recently had the hottest day ever in the history of the city. It is a good title however, for the group of songs they chose to include on this release. "Home Together" is a blissful and breezy song while "Toni Fatti" is more in line with White Denim's ramshackle garage blues. Some of the songs on here match up quite nicely to last year's great Fits release while others break new ground. Whether you love it or hate it, screw it the damn thing is free! I have no idea how long the band is going to keep this download available, so jump on this while you can!

Download via Mediafire:
Last Days of Summer

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