Friday, October 8, 2010

Neil Young

It's been an odd decade for Neil Young. He released an Anti-War album, an album about Hybrid Cars, and the less than impressive Chrome Dreams II. With his newest disc, Le Noise Neil simplifies things by stripping himself of a band. Le Noise is just Neil, a guitar and occasionally some studio effects. This results in his strangest yet best album in years. It is certainly rough around the edges, and half the time I'm waiting for the band to kick in, but Le Noise has very mysterious quality to it that we have not heard from Young in a long time. This album also features some of his clearest and most concise songwriting in years, the electric cacophony of "Angry World" and the subdued acoustic "Love And War" are both very political songs that hearken back to the days of "The Needle and The Damage Done." This album is not for the casual listener, but more so the dedicated fan. It is a strange and sometimes abrasive album, but with thirty-three studio albums under his belt, Neil Young can do whatever the fuck wants.
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Angry World

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