Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Late Discoveries: Wolf Parade

** Late Discoveries is a periodical on ST&SP. because we're only human and can't possibly hear every band that comes along, sometimes we miss a truly great album or band.**

Today we feature Montrel band Wolf Parade. If you're a fan of indie rock, chances are you know a few Wolf Parade songs. I had always appreciated a band, I always accepted "I'll Believe In Anything" to be a modern rock anthem. However, other than that I never gave them a proper listen. A few weeks ago, they released their third album Expo 86, which is probably their most danceable record to date. "Ghost Pressures" is an exceptional track along with "What Did My Lover Say?"

However, this post is not completely meant to tout their new album. I would like to take a minute to express my newfound love for their sophmore album At Mount Zoomer. Released in 2007, it made several year-end-lists under "the most overlooked" category. Frontman Spencer Krug explained that Zoomer was an absolute pain in the ass to record, the songs did not come easy to them. This has to be my favorite Wolf Parade record to date, and from start to finish is an excellet album. This album can be loose and bombastic on "California Dreamer" and "Kissing The Beehive" but also crisp and restrained "The Grey Estates."

Spencer Krug alone is an amazing phenomenon who I feel doesn't get the credit he deserves. Not only has he put out solid records with Wolf Parade since 2003, he also has a string of successful albums being the frontman of another band, Sunset Rubdown. Both bands have similar qualities to them, since he sings and plays guitar on both. However,  I would say that Sunset Rubdown is the more experimental and adventurous of the two, while Wolf Parade is the more straightforward and anthemic. What I find most incredible is the fact that Krug is able to perfectly balance the two. They release albums on alternate years, and neither band seems to get in the other's way. That creative harmony is something that only few have successfully pulled off.

Download via Mediafire:
What Did My Lover Say? (It's Always Hard To Go This Way)

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