Monday, July 19, 2010

Chatham County Line

It's been awhile since we've had a bluegrass mention here, and well honestly things just didn't seem quite right. So the first of a few bluegrass posts I would like to enlighten you with is Chatham County Line from North Carolina. They have been around for quite sometime and have been making solid records that have ignited bluegrass fans all around the country. However, last week they released Wildwood, an album that they hope will drag them into the mainstream like a few of their counterparts (Old Crow Medicine Show, Avett Brothers) have done in recent years. While Wildwood may not be my favorite bluegrass record of the year (you'll see that one later this week), I certainly commend it for having ambition. It takes a great deal of confidence for a bluegrass act to add drums and electric guitar. Many of the more traditional fans frown upon that and don't consider it pure. Though only a few of the tracks feature non-bluegrass instruments, those that do implement them in a way that enhances their sound. All in all, Wildwood is another solid release that would go perfect with a glass of corn whiskey on a hot summer's night.
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Crop Comes In

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