Thursday, July 15, 2010

Guns In The Sky

You might already know that while Beck is taking some time off from recording new material, he has been very active in the studio bringing in his friends to re-record classic albums. Beck's Record Club has covered a few classic artists such as The Velvet Underground, Lenoard Cohen and yes, even Yanni. Of all the covers he and his entourage have put out my favorite would have to be his cover of "Guns In The Sky" by INXS. Beck absolutely nailed this song, and keep in mind one of the mantras of Record Club is no rehearsal, everyone learns their part and then they record it. What this lack of practice yields are loose cannon and wild versions of these songs. It's quite easy to tell the fun Beck had recording this with friends St. Vincent, Os Mutantes, and Liars. I put the cover and the original version of the song for comparison.

Download via Medaifire:
Beck's Record Club - Guns In The Sky
INXS - Guns In The Sky

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