Friday, May 14, 2010

LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening

Every now and then there comes along a band that speaks to a sect of people, a band who's music and lyrics represent the times in which we live. To me, LCD Soundsystem is that band. Both Sound of Silver and their self-titled debut could be considered masterpieces. "All My Friends" alone is one of the best songs of the past decade. James Murphy has an uncanny ability to be poignant, snarky and sarcastic all while his band drives out beat after beat of infectious dance punk.
This Is Happening is LCD's third (and according to Murphy, their last) release. Does this album hold up to it's predecessors? Absolutely. In every possible way this album equals their previous albums, yet it doesn't surpass them. This Is Happening could be considered a third and final chapter in LCD's story. It starts off with the slow build of "Dance Yrself Clean" that explodes around the three minute mark. The shortest track on the album happens to be their only single at the moment, "Drunk Girls" which is a sarcastic comment on the party scene while at the same time glorifying it, with lyrics like "I believe in waking up together" it's hard not to smile at his lighting quick observations.
"One Hit" is a relentless floor stomper, while "All I Want" could be considered "All My Friends" cousin mixed with David Bowie's "Heroes." "Pow Pow" also has similarities to their epic "Yeah" jam.

That's what I really enjoy about this record, the songs on here sound like they have used templates from previous LCD songs but Murphy has perfected them. If LCD does break up, that would be a shame but I could understand why they would. After This Is Happening I cannot see where they could go from here without trying something drastically new.
If I had to pick two favorite songs from this record they would have to be the opening song, "Dance Yrself Clean" and "You Wanted A Hit," the longest song on the album, that keeps the same beat the entire way through yet never gets boring due to Murphy's unapologetic lyrics.

LCD Soundsystem are a band that illustrate places, people and the feelings that they share. James Murphy has successfully done this twice before, and he does it beautifully again. If this is LCD's last record, then it would be comforting to know that they went out on top.

So yeah, this is pretty much my favorite record of 2010 thus far.

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