Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Hold Steady - Heaven Is Whenever

Following up 2008's terrific Stay Positive, this album could be seen as a disappointment. The Hold Steady have been known for loud bar lounge anthems, filled with complex didactic lyrics provided by front man Craig Finn. However, after a steady career of the same solid stuff, they felt the need to explore their terrain more. They didn't change their sound, but they changed their pace. Heaven is Whenever is still booze-soaked but is also toned down and reserved. This approach works in some songs, the swampy "The Sweet Part of the City" and "The Weekenders" could be seen as some of their best work. While I have to commend them for attempting to break the norm, there is too much filler in this album to make it seem really a great album. Who knows, like most Hold Steady albums they tend to grow on me after awhile. I am extremely excited to see them perform tomorrow night at The El Rey Theatre in LA. For those of you who are going enjoy.   

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The Sweet Part of The City

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