Friday, December 4, 2009


After listening to the newly released 40 minutes of Fugazi stage banter provided by Chunklet, which is surprisingly listenable and often hilarious, it has inspired me to sing the praises of this band as well. If you aren't familiar with Fugazi, get with the program. Fugazi were/are (they've been oh hiatus for awhile) one of the most important punk bands to come out of D.C. in the 90's. To say a Fugazi concert was brutal is an understatement. Their model of a concert is something that I feel every band should take after. They played anywhere, geography didn't matter to them. They only played all ages venues and would only charge their fans $8. How they turned a profit is a mystery to me, but they have had a successful career doing it. I would love to see these guys start up again, to say you've bled at a Fugazi show is a rite of passage, and is something that you will tell your kids, much like you're parents telling you how awesome Hendrix or Pink Floyd were.
Their third release I'm On The Kill Taker is my favorite Fugazi record to date, not only because of it's politically charged punk brilliance, but also because of the album art. The cover to this record somehow plays a part, it's image of the hazy Washington Monument in the distance perfectly captures the mood of the album and in some sense adds to the experience of this record as a whole.  

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