Monday, April 9, 2012

Chromatics - Kill For Love

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a front-runner for album of the year. Chromatics, the brain-child of Johnny Jewel the man behind Glass Candy, Nite Jewel, Desire, Symmetry and of course playing a big role in the soundtrack to the movie Drive. A new Chromatics record has been a long time coming and the Portland outfit has lived up to the hype with Kill For Love. This is a sprawling record full of different moods and textures. It's a record that is so relaxed and confident with itself that it gets away with being over an hour and a half long with most of the album's tracks being instrumental interludes. The last track "No Escape" is fifteen minutes of ambiance. It's a risk that Jewel & Co. took that has paid off in dividends. The whole Chill-Wave movement has a new king to look-up to. I cannot reccommend listening to Kill For Love while driving at night. This is a night time record if there ever was one for sure.

Download via Mediafire:
These Streets Will Never Look The Same

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