Monday, January 23, 2012

Wilco/Charles Wright

I am more than excited for tomorrow night's Wilco concert at the Palladium. This will be the second time I have seen the group and they do not disappoint. I think the reason I loved seeing this band live is I know their catalogue very well, I am after all a fan. I think the experience of seeing your favorite band live and being able to sing the lyrics with fellow fan is the most rewarding concert experience. To me it is far more meaningful than any sort of theatrics or gimmick. I've been going through all their albums this past week and I stumbled on their live album Kicking Television. Wilco close out the show with a cover of Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band's "Comment (If All Men Are Truly Brothers)" I found it to be a very poignant note to end a concert on. I have posted Wilco's cover as well as the original.  
Download via Mediafire:
Wilco - Comment (If All Men Are Truly Brothers)
Charles Wright - Comment (If All Men Are Truly Brothers)

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