Monday, January 9, 2012

Late Discoveries: Sleater-Kinney

 ** Late Discoveries is a periodical on ST&SP. because we're only human and can't possibly hear every band that comes along, sometimes we miss a truly great album or artist.**
If anything the first part of 2012 for me will go down as the time when I discovered the magic of Sleater-Kinney. It's impossible to keep up with every band on the face of the planet, but when I first listened to The Woods it was like a bomb had been dropped on my ears. They are everything I want in a band to be. They have a simple enough setup, two guitarists and a drummer, but when they plug in they are a indomitable force to be reckoned with. I have a huge crush on Carrie Brownstein in particular. Not only is she one of the greatest guitarists currently performing, her comedy show Portlandia on IFC is some of the freshest comedy I've seen in awhile as well. Though they have gone through a few drummers, Janet Weiss could be the female version of John Bonham, she strikes her kit with such tenacity and purpose it's impossible to ignore. Lead singer and guitarist Corin Tucker lets her voice flail with a Janis Joplin banshee like quality to it. Her voice plays its own unique role in their music. I always hate to lump female bands into their own unique pile, because it really doesn't matter what sex you are to be able to create rock music. Sleater-Kinney have shown that they rock harder than most other bands period. They are on a current indefinite hiatus but rumor has it they might make another record with in a few years. If the band ever does perform again, I will be first in line with my twenty bucks. Until then, I guess we still have the Corin Tucker Band and Carrie and Janet's side project Wild Flag to fill the void with.

Download via Mediafire:
Jumpers (from The Woods)
You're No Rock & Roll Fun (from All Hands On The Bad One)

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