Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Seven years between albums is quite a long time, more often bands who take extremely long breaks tend to lose their edge, but not Cake. Showroom of Compassion is their first record since 2004's Pressure Chief, and I must say I was quite surprised when I started hearing snippets of this record. Quite simple, Cake is still funky as all hell. They haven't changed at all, but who would want them to honestly? They have such a unique sound that it would be career suicide for them to tinker with it. Instead here with "Mustache Man" they brush off the dust and find an impossibly infectious riff to carry them through. From what I have heard from this record (which is out next Tuesday), I would go as far to say Showroom of Compassion could be their best record since Comfort Eagle.

Download via Mediafire:
Mustache Man (Wasted)

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