Monday, November 29, 2010

Sonny & The Sunsets

San Francisco's longtime local legend Sonny Smith is just now starting to make national waves with his outfit Sonny & The Sunsets. These guys couldn't be coming into the spotlight at a more perfect time. Though they may seem to be riding the wave of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes and have similar musical qualities to them, Sonny & The Sunsets are able to keep their own unique identity to their music. On their debut release Tomorrow is Alright the band jangles their way through songs while Smith douses them with his razor sharp lyrics, "Too Young To Burn" is evidence of that. However, The Sunsets certainly know how to get their kicks, "Planet of Women" is a hazy and often comical sci-fi love song. My favorite song off of Tomorrow is Alright has to be the six-minute plus album closer "Lovin' On An Older Gal." This song sounds like it could have been a B-side off of The Velvet Underground's Loaded.

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Lovin' On An Older Gal

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