Friday, September 3, 2010

The Walking Dead

Other than music, there's nothing I love more than Zombies and good television. Looks like AMC has my best interests in mind. Not too long ago the trailer for The Walking Dead, a new AMC series based on The Walking Dead comic series went up. Needless to say, it blew my mind. Not only does it look beautifully shot, the second half of the trailer used a song from The Walker Brothers. Scott Walker, famous for "30th Century Man" among other classics, croons his way through hoards and hoards of zombie madness in this trailer.
On another note, I must say in  the past few years AMC really has in my opinion emerged as the network to beat. They score big time with great show after great show, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Rubicon and now this looks like it could take the cake from them all. Needless to say, I now know what I'm doing on Halloween.

Download via Mediafire:
The Walker Brothers - The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore

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