Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Deerhunter released a 7" called Revival this summer in anticipation for their fourth album Halcyon Digest due out in a few weeks. These tracks have been making rounds for a few months now, thus in the indie world they are golden oldies. Still, talking to some people I was shocked to find there are a good amount of people who haven't head these tracks, so therefore I decided to post them afterall.
If this 7" is any precursor to what Halcyon Digest will sound like, look out LCD Soundsystem because Deerhunter is gunning for your #1 spot. These two songs differ quite a bit: "Revival" is an airy pop tune filled with the occasional banjo pick, whereas "Primitive 3D" is at first a much more straight forward rock song with U2 like guitar riffs, before devolving into a slower piano piece.
Deerhunter have been on the rise for years now, and it seems like Halcyon Digest could be the one where they really break out into the mainstream and claim their throne.

Download via Mediafire:
Primitive 3D

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