Monday, August 9, 2010

Tobacco Road

In 1964, a little band from Surrey called The Nashville Teens released a single called "Tobacco Road." This song which was an underrated hit has an interesting story behind it. John D. Loudermilk, originally wrote this song and let The Nashville Teens first perform in. The song certainly was ahead of its time, and no other song in their repertoire sounds anything like it. The guitar stomp at the beginning was aided by a highly sought after session guitarist at the time named Jimmy Page (yes, the same). What I find most intriguing about this song is its ability to go from that dinosaur-like stomp into a barroom honky-tonk fueled by a blazing piano section that only The Killer himself could replicate. The Nashville Teens were never able to fully surpass "Tobacco Road" and it has since been covered by a plethora of different artists, the Twins still exist today in some fashion and tour regularly in little venues all around The British Isles.

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Tobacco Road

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