Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thee Oh Sees

I'm gearing up for the Fuck Yeah Festival that's going to take place here in LA on September 4th. It's a yearly festival that is like a much cheaper mini Coachella. I'm very excited for it because I get to see a handful of bands that I have really wanted to check out for only $20. One band in particular is Thee Oh Sees, an experimental garage band from San Francisco. They are another group in that fantastic scene with Ty Segall going up in San Fran right now. Thee Oh Sees just released a new album called Warm Slime. The title track leads off the album and clocks in at well over ten minutes. It is an absolute jam, it sounds like if Phish played loose-cannon garage rock. After the dramatic first song it immediately switches gears and the rest of the album is at a much more frenetic pace. It's an odd record but an interesting one to say the least.

Download via Mediafire:
I Was Denied

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