Monday, February 15, 2010

Who Should Play The Super Bowl

(I had typed this all out, but a formatting error rendered it useless, tired, I present to you a much more stripped down version of the post)

In conjunction with my previous post about the lackluster performance by The Who, I present to you a list of ten artists that I believe would put on a rewarding show at The Super Bowl. There are some giants that I left off this list (Dave Matthews Band) on purpose simply because their sound wouldn't work in the atmosphere of The Super Bowl. The fact is, there aren't many classic artists left that are still performing at the top of their game. Sooner or later the half-time show committee is going to have to take a chance and give the spotlight to younger juggernauts.

1) Foo Fighters

Having witnessed the sheer power of a Foo Fighters concert, I can attest that this band would be perfect for The Super Bowl. These guys give it their all every single time they perform. They're loud and raucous enough to have every head in the room banging, while at the same time can play sing song-y sweet songs, "Everlong" is the kind of song where you can pumps your fist  and hold your girl at the same time. What really sold the Foos as a stadium juggernaut was during their performance at Wembley Stadium in London during the Live Earth concert series in 2007. Dave Grohl had every single person in attendance in the palm of his hand. I am thoroughly convinced that they have enough recognizable hits to create a stellar Super Bowl half-time performance. Take that chance Super Bowl people and you will be rewarded!

Judge for yourself:

2) Metallica

3) Neil Young

4) Pearl Jam

5) Jay-Z

6) Muse

7) Paul McCartney

8) Kings of Leon

9) Radiohead

10) Justin Timberlake

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