Friday, February 19, 2010

Carolina Chocolate Drops


This week has been a huge week for artists that we respect. Field Music, Local Natives, and Citay all dropped their new albums. One band in particular I would like to address is Carolina Chocolate Drops. I don't know if they are the first, but they certainly are the most popular African-American string band around. These guys have gained some notoriety from NPR and performances on such shows as A Prairie Home Companion. A lot their popularity has been a result of the color of their skin. For the most part black people don't listen to bluegrass, let alone play bluegrass. I hope that people will be able look past that and see this band for who they are. Carolina Chocolate Drops are taking old-timey music and adding a fresh perspective of their own unique cultural background to the mix. That alone is enough of a reason for someone to check this band out. Check out this beatbox-fused bluegrass tune "Hit Em' Up Style" 

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