Sunday, November 8, 2009

Where it all began...

For the longest time I hated bluegrass. I absolutely could not stand it. I felt it was repetitive superficial and trite. However that all changed when my Uncle (huge bluegrasser) took my Father and I to Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival near the Catskills of New York. I spent the first day walking around, catching a few acts, playing frisbee with strangers, you know, the stuff you do at music festivals. The bands were pretty entertaining, I enjoyed what they had to offer however nothing really blew me away. Until night fell. The headlining band that night was a reformed bluegrass group that date all the way back to the 70's called Hot Rize. Each member of this band is a demigod of their instrument, Tim O'Brien to this day is the best mandolin player I have ever seen. When they closed their set with a cover of the blistering Bill Monroe instrumental tune "Train 45" my jaw dropped to the floor. I could have never imagined a banjo, mandolin, bass and acoustic guitar could convey such power. After that I was hooked to bluegrass like a drug. I couldn't get enough, since then I have attended numerous bluegrass concerts, and have avidly sought out bluegrass of both new and old styles.

Here is the video and attached MP3 of Hot Rize performing "Train 45" at Grey Fox. It may not carry as much of a punch as it for me when I was physically there, but you get the idea.

Download via Mediafire:

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