Monday, November 9, 2009

Bluegrass Week: The Tallboys

Seattle, home of coffee and Nirvana, not quite the place you'd imagine there would be a thriving bluegrass scene. I vacationed there a few years ago and on one particular day I found myself strolling along Pike Place Market, a bustling place of fresh fruit, fish, and music. Like Venice Beach here in Los Angeles, Pike Place has a ton of buskers positioned throughout the market. Located in front of the original Starbuck's I happened to stumble upon a local old time string band that called themselves The Tallboys. They had attracted a large crowd and for good reason, they were very talented. At the end of their set I threw a few coins in the hat, and bought their CD. It was the first bluegrass album I ever owned. The Tallboys are still around busking up in Seattle. Unfortunately they haven't ever really done an extensive tour, for they are still highly unknown except in Washington. Someone with Rounder Records needs to snatch these guys up, and fast.

Attached is a track of The Tallboys performing one of my favorite bluegrass classics "Cumberland Gap"

Download via Mediafire:

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