Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bootleg Series: Radiohead @ Bonnaroo 2006

Sometime next week Bonnaroo will announce their 2013 lineup and I thought it was a perfect time to post another show in my ongoing bootleg series. If you recall in July I posted about the five year anniversary of The White Stripes at Madison Square Garden. This time around I want to talk about a truly legendary Radiohead concert. Many Radiohead bootleg completists argue that this is the best show they have ever done. The year was 2006, their classic in the making In Rainbows hadn't been released yet, in fact this was the debut for most of their new material. They were so excited to play the In Rainbows songs that they brought out a few rarely played songs to round out their setlist, making it truly special. Radiohead were about to turn the music industry on its head with the unique pay-what-you-want system for In Rainbows. What makes this bootleg even more special is it's a soundboard recording that was leaked by Radiohead's own sound-engineer making for a tremendous quality of recording. This is a new essential for any Radiohead fan. Listen to a sample track and if you're craving more I have uploaded both parts of the concert below.

Download via Megaupload
Radiohead live at Bonnaroo 2006 Part 1
Radiohead live at Bonnaroo 2006 Part 2

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