Tuesday, December 4, 2012

ST&SP Best of 2012: Artist of The Year

Ty Segall
 2012 really was the year for Ty Segall. Sure YouTube was all ablaze over Gangnam Style but if you were to look beyond the constantly passing fads of pop culture you would find that this San Franciscan cult punk/garage hero took advantage of his youth and fervent creativity by churning out not one but three albums in 2012. First in April we had Hair which was a collaboration between Segall and lo-fi psychedelic songsmith White Fence. The two paired together like the fine red wine and choice cut steak releasing what has to be the most creative psychedelic rock album in years. White Fence kept the usually erratic Segall on a leash for most of the album letting him cut loose into a frenzy only when it was earned. Hair goes by quick but it is well worth it. 
In June we saw the release of the first ever Ty Segall Band record aptly titled Slaughterhouse. Segall recorded this album with his touring band in the studio as opposed recording the entire thing by himself which he usually does hence the additional 'Band' moniker. His idea behind this record was to put out an album that carried the tenacity of his live shows. When performing live Segall tends to play his songs at warp speed with the intensity of a Tasmanian Devil to allow for optimal moshing. Slaughterhouse sounds exactly as the album looks like; an escaped banshee from hell. There are no subtle tracks or touching moments only brutal punk that will assault your eardrums in the best way possible. I mean, the record even ends with a ten minute track that is nothing but screeching guitar feedback. If you have a taste for the fast and heavy, this bud's for you. 
      Finally, in October Segall was back to being a solo artist by offering up Twins his last record of 2012. What's crazy about this one is when Hair came out in April he hadn't even begun to piece Twins together. Compared to previous Ty Segall albums this one is slower but heavier. Whereas in the past he would put a few ideas into a song and churn out short but sweet tracks however with Twins he seems to be taking himself as a musician more seriously than ever and squeezes out all the juice these songs have to offer. If you were to tell me a years ago that Ty Segall would slow things down a bit I would have been pissed but to be quite honest I like the direction he is going in with Twins. I think if this year is any implication of the foreseeable future for this young punk the best is still yet to come. 

Sorry folks, most of his stuff isn't available on Spotify so good ol' YouTube will have to do.



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