Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mojo Stone

Last year I blogged about Mojo Stone, a band that is near and dear to me for many reasons. For one they're personal friends of mine, singer Natalie Meadors even took over the lease for my old college home (Creighton shout-out!). But mainly they are dear to me because Mojo Stone have evolved into a Los Angeles group that shows a ton of promise and could actually "make it," whatever that means these days. Their first EP Hatchet was an eclectic debut for the young rock band, and last summer they took the big leap by taking Hatchet on the road with a southern tour. Now with their sophomore EP Strange Honey it is easy to hear how much that tour must have influenced the making of this record. Strange Honey is a southern-fried classic rock epic. While both Hatchet and Strange Honey compliment each other well, Strange Honey has a more live presence than it's predecessor. "Push The Plow" erupts like a racehorse out of the gate with Zeppelin-esque riffs and three part harmonies clashing together in a frenzy. However the band isn't afraid to slow things down at times. "Mama & the Acid Kids" will certainly get peoples' lighters swaying in the air before Henry McGill and David Donaldson turn things up and openly mock the weak god that they have bested with epic guitar soloing. Mojo Stone are planning on touring again this summer and by combining material from both EPs they will have one hell of a setlist. The band is kicking off things in style by throwing a record release party for Strange Honey at The Bootleg Theater this Thursday night. If you like independent rock and roll I highly recommend going. It just may be one of those shows that you'll be able to brag to your future kids about 'having been there.'  

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