Monday, August 22, 2011

Late Discoveries: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! - Some Loud Thunder

** Late Discoveries is a periodical on ST&SP. because we're only human and can't possibly hear every band that comes along, sometimes we miss a truly great album or artist.**

This weekend I will have a chance to see one of my favorite bands from my high school years perform, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! After taking a few year hiatus these guys are back and have a new record coming out in September. CYHSY! is important because they were one of the first DIY success stories to come out of the internet age. They still remain completely unsigned by a label and have pretty much done everything themselves. This business model paved the way for so many artists to just put music out themselves not having to rely on the industry to promote their music. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! will always be remembered for their stellar self-titled debut record but many people tend to pass over their sophomore record Some Loud Thunder.
Many critics and fans alike have passed this album off as being inferior to their first release which I never understood why. Sure each of their albums had a few duds on them but Some Loud Thunder has some terrific tracks that rate right up with their best material. I wouldn't say this album surpasses their debut but is certainly on par with it.
Some Loud Thunder is certainly much darker than it's predecessor, for instance the devilish disco-rock of "Satan Said Dance" remains one of their biggest hits to date. However there are so many other overlooked tracks on this album like the eerie piano-driven "Love Song No. 7" or "Yankee Go Home" and "Underwater (You and Me)" are all songs that should have received much more attention than they have. Some of the tracks show inklings of singer Alec Ounsworth's solo career like the swampy bayou folk of "Arm and Hammer."
Some Loud Thunder is a record that took me a long time to appreciate its brilliance and I think fans and critics need to give it a second listen, because now it is my most played record of theirs. Though it is certainly harsher than their self-titled I would not call this record sub-par. I cannot wait to see what direction they take their third album with. Catch Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! at Sunset Junction Music Festival this Sunday it's $15 for one day.

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Love Song No. 7

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