Friday, June 24, 2011

My Morning Jacket at Pantages 6/22

It was hard to tell if the smoke that filled The Pantages Theater last Wednesday night was from a fog machine or the fact that My Morning Jacket were absolutely burning this mother fucker to the ground. Jim James & Co. tore through an absolutely blistering two and a half hour set. The group seemed to favor their new album Circuital the most by playing the entire album. That was my one gripe about this show. I know bands tend to love playing their new material for crowds because it's fresh and exciting for them as a band, and Circuital is a fine album but only four or five of the ten tracks are worth hearing live. I would have traded "Outta My System" or "Slow Slow Tune" for "Dondante" or anything off of At Dawn which they completely ignored that night. But alas, we can't always get what we want. 
It's very difficult to talk about this band's live presence on a blog or watch YouTube videos of them. They are a force that must be experienced live. My Morning Jacket cranks it up to eleven the entire show, and through the swell of keys, drums and guitars Jim James's voice pierces through the cacophony straight into your soul. From the epic opening notes of "Victory Dance" to the blazing closer "Megateeth" this band kept the entire Los Angeles audience completely captivated.

Here's one of the songs I wish they would have played.
Download via Mediafire:
The Way That He Sings

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