Monday, May 30, 2011

Roberto Cacciapaglia

 There's only one way I know how to celebrate Memorial Day and that's by listening to 70s Italian minimalist avant-garde orchestral music! I heard a sample of this piece not too long ago on a mixtape and I had to rush out and hear the entire album. Roberto Cacciapaglia, an Italian composer still active today crafted Sei Note In Logica in 1979. It's a unique composition of music because he was one of the first composers to integrate computers into orchestral music and another unique aspect is that Sei Note In Logica is that it's comprised of only six notes. I have attached the first of two parts to this album. While I admit this music is not for everyone, and you have to be a real fan of avant-garde to appreciate it, Sei Note In Logica has still proven to be one of the more unique things I have ever heard put to disc. He's able to create such complexity under very limited circumstances. I would bet that modern chamber-pop artists such as Sufjan Stevens could have drawn influence from this record. 
Download via Mediafire:
Sei Note In Logica (Part One)

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