Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mojo Stone

I need to show some love to Mojo Stone because for one they're friends of mine but more importantly they just released their newest EP entitled Hatchet which is available for purchase on Itunes. I remember seeing these guys perform their first show ever, it was for a benefit concert for a fellow friend who had passed away a few years prior. They stepped up introduced themselves as Mojo Stone and began to tear through Beatles covers like they'd been doing this shit for years. 
    Now, over a year later they have started to gain themselves a small but loyal following and have begun performing shows around town. Their EP Hatchet isn't a record that they recorded one weekend in somebody's basement. This record has a great deal of variety and structure to it. "Barefoot Boy"  is a laid back folk-rock track that conjures images Delaney & Bonnie. "Gritty Love Blues" allows the band to show their teeth and jam out, they were wise to make this close out the EP because it leaves you wanting more.
What strikes me the most about Mojo Stone is they sound like have been together for years, these guys really do gel as band. Singer Natalie Meadors shows incredible range on Hatchet. One minute she can sweetly caress your inner ear like Neko Case, then the next minute she's tearing through your soul like Grace Slick. Neil, Henry and David's richly textured instrumentation and attention to detail is what gives this EP the amount of depth that it has.

I have posted their EP to stream below, if you like it buy it on Itunes, and who knows maybe next time I throw a party they can afford to bring beer.
Hatchet by Mojo Stone

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