Monday, February 14, 2011

The White Stripes

Well, it's been a few weeks now, and I still haven't fully recovered. I've listened to their entire discography multiple times in chronological order and it's amazing how fresh and exciting after a decade their music still sounds. Yes, The White Stripes are no longer with us it's true. Jack will go off producing records and playing in thousands of other bands, and Meg will most likely choose a quieter life out of the spotlight. On one hand I'm deeply saddened that they are gone. They've been hinting at new material for awhile and they certainly seemed to have a few great albums left in them. Yet, I'm also proud that my favorite band quit while they were on top, and never released a disappointing record. It's better to leave 'em wanting more I guess. I am not dwelling on why they broke up (though I have theories), but rather I think a great band like The White Stripes deserve to be respected and revered. I've been going through my bootleg collections of their shows, and would like to share my favorite one titled The Boston Tea Party. The quality of this bootleg is superb, this was taped during their Elephant tour, a time that many considered to be their pinnacle. The White Stripes were always one of my favorite live acts. Their simplicity allowed their stage show to be loose and spontaneous. People always criticized Meg for her talents, but I always felt that her simple style was a perfect way to keep Jack in check.
The White Stripes may be gone, but with their five studio albums they have left a legacy that ranks them as one of the greatest bands of our or any generation.

Download via Mediafire:
The Boston Tea Party (Full album)

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