Monday, December 6, 2010

Kanye West: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Kanye West is an asshole. There is no denying that. However, I am of the party that believes most celebrities are pieces of shit, and he's just another on the pile. Many people thought that his outburst over Taylor Swift at The MTV Video Awards was the last straw and that his career would crumble. Yet, a year later Kanye is back to seek redemption and to take over the world yet again. When this was released a few weeks ago I held back from getting caught up in the hype over this album and wanted to digest this record before I formed an opinion. Practically every critic on the planet has given this record a perfect scores. Some are calling it an instant classic and that it is this generation's Thriller. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy may be a lot of things, but Thriller it is not. However, what we do have here is Kanye West's best album to date and easily the best album of the year. Though it may or may not be my personal favorite record of the year, I cannot deny that West has hit a new level here. Virtually every song is powerful and perfect in its own way. "Power" is a club-banging politically charged anthem, while the nine minute tender "Runaway" finds Kanye exploring new ground. My personal favorite track would have to be "All Of The Lights" that perfectly features Rihanna over a blitzkrieg of drums and blaring horns. This album succeeds where Jay-Z's Blueprint III failed. While Jay's album seemed crowded, this record is comfortable having a plethora of guests well placed and still giving Kanye ample space to do his thing. One favorite guest in particular Bon Iver's Justin Vernon adds perfect vocal backing to "Monster" and "Lost In The World." All in all, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is varied both lyrically and musically and is not only a milestone in Kanye's career, but for the hip-hop genre as a whole. Believe the hype.

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All of The Lights

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