Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Henry Clay People

This will be my last post for the week, for I will be traveling all weekend and will not be able to get to a computer. As I leave Los Angeles, I wanted to post a L.A. band that is really making waves. The first band that came to mind is The Henry Clay People. A local group here that has gained a lot of buzz recently for their Replacements sounding punk vibe. They have recently gone from playing tiny clubs to doing national tours, opening for Ben Harper, and even playing some major festivals like Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits. Some critics find it hard to believe that this good of sound could come from this city. Last year I had the pleasure of presenting these guys on my campus, they were about to go on their first national tour with The Airborne Toxic Event. The few people that showed up got a balls to the wall killer rock show. The Henry Clay People's boozy free-spirited rock vibe may just be the next big thing. If you have the opportunity of seeing these guys live, I highly recommend it.

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