Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Beatles

Big week for Beatles fans, first the reissues of all of their albums (anyone pick these up yet?). Apparently they sound amazing and from what I can tell from the reviews Paul's bass packs a better punch and Ringo's drums are more defined. Secondly, we have Rock Band: The Beatles, which I am bubbling over with eagerness to play. I had a dialogue with a friend the other day and I posed the question as to what were the most underrated Beatles songs? While that may be a hard question to answer for most considering that the entire Beatles catalogue is one of the most celebrated collection of songs in music history, however there are still a few gems out there that haven't received the attention that they rightfully deserve. My friend felt that there were a few songs off of The White Album (Savoy Truffle) and Help! (You're Gonna Lose That Girl) that didn't get enough fair radio play. 
     I figured I would post the two Beatles songs that I felt were extremely underrated. The first being Old Brown Shoe, a b-side off of The Ballad of John and Yoko single, and the second being Hey Bulldog a track from The Yellow Submarine soundtrack. 
    Both of these songs would have been career highlights for any other band, but for The Beatles, they were swept under the rug, another example that shows the sheer talent of these four boys from Liverpool.
What do you think is the most underrated Beatles song? 
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